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Millie Bobby Brown - 200 Icons [22 Jan 2018|10:03am]


1. 20 Animated, 190 Stills.
2. She's my current muse - love this girl. Such a sweetheart.
3. One of these icons is with Maisie Williams! :D

THESE + 197 MORE )
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[21 Jan 2018|10:29pm]


Hey guys, just letting you know that right now I'm in a program for graphic design that has me running ragged this quarter, usually with 12+ hours of class and homework every day except Sundays. Most layouts have been updated from the whole Photoshop-is-Crap-Gate, but if there's a layout or icon set you need, you can let me know and I'll try to upload it for you. I do have plans to get things updated fully, and even make new sets and layouts, but it's probably not going to happen until summer.
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discord [15 Jan 2018|09:45pm]


Does anyone know how to find discord rp servers? Is there a search function within the app where I could search, for instance, “Sailor Moon rpg”?
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